Frequently asked questions

Getting started

Q. How do I apply for an account with ZGEPDS Worldwide?
A. To apply for an ZGEPDS Worldwide account, simply complete the online account application and an ZGEPDS Worldwide representative will call you within 24 hours, or alternatively you can also call 0867 678 8700 to set up your ZGEPDS Worldwide account.
Q. Is there any charge for an ZGEPDS Worldwide collection?
Q. What methods of payment can I use?
Q. How long do I have to cancel a collection after it's been submitted?
Q. If I have other collection questions, can you help me?
Q. When will my shipment arrive?
Q. What is the maximum size of package I can send?


Q. What is customs value and how do I determine it?
Q. Our company would like to begin exporting products to several countries. As we have no previous experience of doing this, can ZGEPDS Worldwide advise us?


Q. When I enter the Courier Waybill (CWB) number the tracking does not work?
Q. When I track my Courier Waybill (CWB) numbers I’m asked to contact Customer Service?
Q. I do not have my Courier Waybill (CWB) number, is it possible to track my shipment?
Q. How many shipments can I track at one time?


Q. What information does ZGEPDS Worldwide's web site keep on visitors?
Q. Does ZGEPDS Worldwide request any personal information?
Q. Can cookies be removed from my hard drive?
Q. Additional resources on information privacy

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