Fuel surcharge

Current Fuel Surcharge
July 14.50%
June 15.00%
May 15.00%
Fuel Surcharge History
April 15.00%
March 15.00%
February 15.00%
January 14.50%

As there is continual instability in fuel prices, ZGEPDS Worldwide has been forced to introduce a flexible fuel surcharge in line with the market. The surcharge will be based on the monthly rounded average of the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price for a gallon of Kerosene-Type Jet fuel, which the US Department of Energy (EIA) publishes.

Due to the release date of the above information, each month's surcharge is based on the price of fuel two months before. For example, December's surcharge is determined from October's price.

ZGEPDS Worldwide reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge with or without notice. Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at ZGEPDS Worldwide's sole discretion.