ZGEPDS Worldwide main office

About us

Founded in 1957, ZGEPDS is a worldwide courier and logistics shipping network of more than 250 proprietary offices and substations. We specialise in:

   - Domestic and International Express Delivery Services
   - Overseas Post and Mail Fulfilment
   - International Ecommerce Delivery
   - Exhibition Logistics
   - Newspaper Subscription Services.

ZGEPDS Worldwide delivers solutions tailored to all business sectors.

Major ZGEPDS Worldwide corporate offices in New York, Tokyo, and London anchor one of the most experienced and extensive international delivery systems in the world. This ZGEPDS network links every business capital, on every continent, capable of delivering to nearly 200 countries.

In the UK we have two strategically placed depots, in total employing around 200 staff to service your needs. Our head office and international hub are conveniently located near Heathrow airport.

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